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                                      GICLEE PRINTS are available for order.  


              Giclees are reproductions individually printed directly from the original watercolor on 100% rag, fine art paper, using archival pigmented inks. 

                       They are so well done that even I cannot tell the difference

                                   between my original watercolor and the giclee. 

                                    Large Giclees (28"x28"s, 22"x30", etc)$425

                                    Medium Giclees (12"x16"s, 14"x20"s, 15"x15"s, etc) = $255

                                    Small Giclees (10"x10"s, 12"x12"s, 8"x12"s) = $125

                                    Tiny Giclees (5"x5"s, 4"x6"s) = $95 (but I suggest a card for $6 instead!)

For pricing information on original artwork,

please contact me at

or call me at 415-515-1141.

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