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About Me




I began watercolor painting several years ago, yet my passion for art goes way back.  In my youth, I loved playing around with so many different crafts - drawing, painting, batiking, macrame, leather crafts, sewing, weaving, knitting, crochet, needlepoint, candle-making, wood crafts, baking, and on and on.  And then came the next forty rich years with college and teaching and family and life ... and artwork went on hold.  Although my mother continuously encouraged me to return to painting, life was just too full.  After her passing and our youngest was heading off to college, I discovered Cara Brown, a well-known Bay Area watercolorist who is as wonderfully talented as she is kind and patient.  I began painting with Cara and the wonderful "Magnolias" every Thursday, and we have now had many shows at selected locations around Marin County.   

My work is dedicated to my mom, and my personal mission has always been simple:   Paint only things that are bright and colorful which bring a sense of joy --- thus flowers and gardens and pets are my themes. 


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